Saturday, 9 January 2010

Rediscovering a reason to believe

A reason to believe is a document of my personal exploration of the essence of faith. I will be using the web as a tool to catalogue religious philosophies and teachings and to share the artistic works that I am inspired to create.

This blog will be part resource: I will be categorising religious expressions (texts, art, celebrations etc.) by theme. This is for my own reference (so interpretations will likely be subjective), but may be useful for others too.

The blog will be part art project: I will be creating art works inspired by my discoveries and insights.

Baptised a Christian and coming from an extended family full of religious leaders and devout believers, it has often been assumed that Christianity is my faith. That doesn’t ring quite so true for me. I do believe in God and I find philosophies and teachings from several faiths that resonate with and are relevant to me. At the same time, I find many interpretations of religion that appear to distort the intended teachings, and so many blind followers who seem to have thrown questioning to the wind. For these reasons, I do not claim to belong to any particular faith.

Yet, I remain fascinated, particularly by the similarities between philosophies and teachings. This project is essentially about my quest to learn more about these different faiths and through drilling down to their essence, finding my religion. Finding yet another way for me to converse with and develop a closer relationship with God.

You are invited to participate in this journey. Please feel free to share any comments, questions, recommendations and stories but, please let’s keep it constructive!


  1. You are amazing. I'll walk beside you in your journey

  2. All the best with your journey. Questioning is always the first step towards learning the truth.

  3. Totally agree with you Missy. Religion has become "lately" in my opinion a weapon that controls & DIVIDES. I'm finding myself running out of faith but never out of hope. So im ready to be inspired and get closer to God once more. Good Luck in your journey and hope you enlighten many while you are at it! :)

  4. Mercy Sangale said....

    Wow Lulu I can totally relate to what you are saying. We were indoctrinated to believe a certain way and no questions asked. Coz then u would be considered to be defiant. Being the timid person I am...I have often chosen to not express exactly how I feel for fear of being chastised by society. But I do strongly believe there's a higher being who exceeds every human understanding. Well gal I will watch out for your updates. Do your thing :-)

  5. This is great, yay for lulu - u clever gorgeous thing xxx

  6. Lulu this is really and angie were having these exact same sentiments not too long ago....I can't wait to experience this journey:)

  7. Thanks for all the lovely and encouraging comments everybody. I look forward to sharing more and hearing more of your sentiments!

  8. Petu, you are always full of surprises,this is amazing! Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication! Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

    I love you.