Friday, 12 March 2010

The 3 Worlds of Consciousness

I'm taking a Raja Yoga Meditation course with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. I didn't have any particular expectations and it's turning out to be incredibly useful, enlightening (illuminating the dusty corners of my Self), warming …

This week we talked about the 3 worlds of consciousness: the physical world (manic, destructive, beautiful, noisy, competitive, confusing, inter-connected etc.); the subtle or angelic world (free from the pulls of the physical world – energizing, radiant, innocent, harmonious, love, flow) and; the soul world (a place/dimension/experience/state of mind, heaven, nirvana, home, rejuvenating, restful, safe, peaceful).

The artwork above was inspired by this. The physical world is in the centre. I used black for the soul world and was thinking about how many associate black with evil or death. To accept this myself would be dishonourable to my Self so… Instead, I look at blackness as richness. A mysterious and endless mass. Fullness.

Collage, ink, oil pastel, colour pencil

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